candy apple




Normally I don’t go for the green apples. I find them too crisp and too sour, leaving a tang underneath my teeth that has my jaw tingling for hours. In my defense, I couldn’t see this apple’s true colors. It was dipped in a sweet caramel, and layered with a white chocolate outside. I wouldn’t know the inside unless I tried. So I sank my teeth into the sticky temptation, provoked by a sense of excited anticipation. And as my tongue stroked against this sugary collaboration, my mind was confused by the taste integration. I couldn’t stop eating – each swallow leaving an acidic burn at the back of my throat. The caramel chocolate coat is the perceived antidote that keeps me from stopping. It’s not the apple that’s bad; it’s the taste that is shocking. I know the core isn’t rotting. Green apples taste like the fruit isn’t…

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