Escape – Experience the magic!


Escape - 3 Screen Movie Enhancement The Cinematic experience has not really changed much since the first bed sheet was hung on a wall as projection screen a long, long time ago. The screens are better, bigger and the projection equipment has improved “a bit” since 1894. In any industry a disruptive move is done by a player once in a while. With Barco’s Escape it’s about WOWing the audience in a completely new way.

At CinemaConBarco unveiled our new view on the cinema experience – with a wide array of products and solutions with one target in mind; enhancing the magic of cinema.
Escape is one of the solutions. Even if it is a simple concept it adds great value to the viewing experience. By adding two more screens you are all of a sudden immersed deeper into the movie than ever before. For the movie makers this means a lot as there are…

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