FITintheCITY: the Relationship Juggle

the FITlife

It was my 4 year anniversary yesterday so I was thinking a lot about my relationship. Finding balance, moderation, and variety in your relationship is…difficult. Let’s be honest. But there are a few ways you can try to use these three tenants to strengthen your relationships. Here are a few tips I have found to be helpful.

Balance – you need to balance work, friends, and your significant other. When something tips too favorably in a direction away from that core relationship in your life, fighting ensues. Am I right? One thing my husband and I (try) to do is to compare schedules at the beginning of the week (generally Sunday evenings). If it is a particularly evening-commitment heavy week, we schedule a lunch. If work is crazy for both of us, we hire the dog walker. If one of us is feeling like we have been home-bound forever, we…

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