Escape – Experience the magic!


Escape - 3 Screen Movie Enhancement The Cinematic experience has not really changed much since the first bed sheet was hung on a wall as projection screen a long, long time ago. The screens are better, bigger and the projection equipment has improved “a bit” since 1894. In any industry a disruptive move is done by a player once in a while. With Barco’s Escape it’s about WOWing the audience in a completely new way.

At CinemaConBarco unveiled our new view on the cinema experience – with a wide array of products and solutions with one target in mind; enhancing the magic of cinema.
Escape is one of the solutions. Even if it is a simple concept it adds great value to the viewing experience. By adding two more screens you are all of a sudden immersed deeper into the movie than ever before. For the movie makers this means a lot as there are…

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candy apple




Normally I don’t go for the green apples. I find them too crisp and too sour, leaving a tang underneath my teeth that has my jaw tingling for hours. In my defense, I couldn’t see this apple’s true colors. It was dipped in a sweet caramel, and layered with a white chocolate outside. I wouldn’t know the inside unless I tried. So I sank my teeth into the sticky temptation, provoked by a sense of excited anticipation. And as my tongue stroked against this sugary collaboration, my mind was confused by the taste integration. I couldn’t stop eating – each swallow leaving an acidic burn at the back of my throat. The caramel chocolate coat is the perceived antidote that keeps me from stopping. It’s not the apple that’s bad; it’s the taste that is shocking. I know the core isn’t rotting. Green apples taste like the fruit isn’t…

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My breakfast pickle

Primitive Musings

My breakfast pickle

Here it is, my breakfast (or brunch?) for the last two or three weeks. So, I may not have this on a daily basis but it has quickly become a staple in my kitchen. The pickle you ask? I don’t want it to! Mind you, the eggs come from free-roaming, cage-free and 100-percent veg-fed chickens and are scrambled in coconut oil. The bacon is uncured and gluten/casein-free and contains no nitrates nor nitrites. But a girl needs variety, and protein/good fats, too! So give me a break, will ya? Three weeks in and I am attempting to judiciously ease my way into this lifestyle.

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One Bad Son – “Retribution Blues”


Featured on Volume 15 of the Hunnypot Artist Compilation, “Retribution Blues” by One Bad Son is a classic tale about cheating hearts, lying eyes, and broken promises. Featuring blissfully melodramatic riffs and a foot-stomping rhythm, One Bad Son explores heartbreak with their heads held high and their eyes on the future.

Currently, One Bad Son is in the studio recording a follow-up LP to their self-titled debut released on 604 Records


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Week 9 and 10: Pace and Contrast

My Journey into Graphic Design

Learning activity week 9 and 10 – Pace and Contrast

Compare the design (in terms of pace and contrast) of an online magazine, blog or website to that of a printed magazine, book or journal.
What differences can you see between the kinds of design strategies used in the two formats?

Write down your findings and upload it to Moodle 

Pace and contast are important tools in composition, fundamental in creating an interesting experience for the reader. How one uses these tools is important in order to draw in the reader, and draw attention to what is perhaps the most important information for the reader. By using pace and contrast correctly we can capture the readers attention, and create a desire to keep on reading and wanting more.

For this activity I have compared the online magazine “The Hollywood Reporter”  with the print version of People Magazine.

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Miss Eonnie

You might know me as LongandLoud on twitter, or Maria in real life. Anyway, this is my little space to just tell my thought and stuff I read and watch and anything that pops into my head really. This will though be with my korea-obsession in mind. Yes, I like K-Pop, and I watch K-Dramas and Variety shows. I like the excitment of learning about a new culture that I knew nothing about before, and I find it very intrieging and the language is exciting to learn. Hope you’ll enjoy my little rants in between studying.

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